72 Hour Essentials

Learn the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to PREVAIL in the first 72 hours of a disaster.

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Tornadoes. Floods. Hurricanes. Wildfires. Winter storms. All of these disasters may look different, but all of them share a common denominator: They can completely and utterly turn your life upside down. In the chaos and haze immediately following a severe local, regional, or national disaster, government agencies and aid organizations are often overwhelmed and slow to mobilize. Make no mistake: You are on your own. The only person who can help you, IS you. When that day comes, are you ready? If your home is destroyed and you’re forced to evacuate, do you know what to do? Or if you’re boxed in and can’t leave your neighborhood, could you survive? When the thin veneer of civilized society wears through and all hell is breaking loose around you, do you have what it takes to PREVAIL?

Most of our courses are geared heavily towards outdoorsmen - hikers, hunters, paddlers, backpackers, bushcrafters, and the like. This course is different. This course is for everyone. In this course, we’ll be covering the priorities of what to do in the first three days of a disaster. Drawing on our years of training first responders in disaster preparedness and response, we’ll discuss bugging out vs. sheltering in place, 12, 24, and 72-hour packs, urban survival tactics, mobility, disaster psychology, and much more. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your background is, or what skill level you’re at, you owe it to yourself and your family to attend this course. 


Cost: $99

Course Duration: full day, 9am-7pm

Course Location: SARCRAFT Proving Ground, Cherokee County, Georgia.

Instructor(s): J. Morris, A. Bryant


Military/Veteran/Fire/EMS/LE/SAR: MILR13

Bring-A-Friend: FRIEND15