Course Catalog

At SARCRAFT, we seek to become the outdoor education industry standard in the areas of wilderness survival, fieldcraft, bushcraft, and search & rescue consulting, and by doing so, bestow the skills necessary to preserve life onto those who venture into the wild. We as a company aspire to excellence in all things – quality of instruction, innovation in content and teaching techniques, and providing a truly unique and memorable customer experience.



Sunday Afternoon Bushcraft

A twice-monthly, family-friendly workshop covering a wide array of wilderness skills.

CPR/AED for the Outdoor Enthusiast

In this half-day course, you’ll complete the American Heart Association Heartsaver 2-year CPR certification and get plenty of hands-on practice with the skills you’ve learned.



Wilderness Water Essentials

Find, carry, and filter water when you need it most, wherever you are.

Firecraft Essentials

A practical, hands-on study of humankind's first technology and how to use it.

Sheltering Essentials

Learn how to quickly and effectively create shelter through a variety of modern and primitive methods.

First Aid for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Become First Aid certified and learn lifesaving medical skills... including what to do when you can't call 911.

Long Distance Hiking Essentials

Learn real-world, hard-won lessons on how to PREVAIL on the trail.

Tracking Essentials

In this 1-day course, we’ll introduce you to the basics of both mantracking and animal tracking, working from the ground up to show you how to build situational awareness, cut sign, locate clues day or night, and get inside the head of what (or who) you’re following.

Wilderness Survival Essentials

Fire. Water. Food. Shelter. Building and maintaining the skill set to secure these core four priorities is a rite of passage for anyone who ventures into the outdoors. In this 1-day course, you’ll be initiated into the essentials of wilderness survival.

Primitive Hunting Essentials

Come back to the beginning of history and get hands-on experience with the ancient ways of hunting and trapping.

72 Hour Essentials

72 Hour Essentials

Learn the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to PREVAIL in the first 72 hours of a disaster.

Land Navigation Essentials

Wild Edible Essentials



Wilderness Survival CORE

Practical, actionable skills that everyone who ventures into the wild should know by heart.


Man-Tracking Basics

An introduction to tracking a human across any terrain, day or night – even when there aren’t any footprints to follow.

Search Techniques and Tactics

The mechanics of how to optimize your success in a variety of search situations.

Intro to Land Navigation

How to find yourself, your destination, and your route using map, compass, and GPS.

Intro to Rope Rescue

An intensive introduction to the use of rope systems in search & rescue, including knots, harnesses, and hardware.


A two weekend course dedicated to helping you achieve a certification only gained by an elite few: the NASAR SARTECH I.


Two weekends devoted to preparing you for the gold standard of search & rescue field operations: NASAR’s SARTECH II.




Custom Courses 

Contact us to build a course custom-made just for you and your group.