Woodsmanship Skills Challenge


Woodsmanship Skills Challenge


Cost: $89

Date & Time: Saturday, June 1st, 9am-6pm

Location: SARCRAFT Proving Ground, 650 Byrd Mountain Lane, Canton, GA 30114

Evaluators: J. Morris, A. Bryant

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We’ve been teaching outdoor skills for a while now, and one thing we’ve noticed is just how many guys talk… uhh… smack… about how good they are. “I don’t need a class on how to build a fire. All it takes is a match!” “Shelter building? I could teach that!” “Tracking? Ain’t nothing to it, just follow the footprints!” And alternately, we’ve got some loyal students who have worked hard to build their skills, and we’d like to see just what they can do when they’re turned loose. 


So we got to talking, and as part of our two-year anniversary celebration, we’ve decided to host our first-ever Woodsmanship Skills Challenge! Our question to you is… are you the real deal? You think you’re tough? You reckon you’ve got what it takes to roll with the pros? Then put your money where your mouth is, and let’s see what you’ve got. We’re not laying out the whole agenda yet, but suffice to say, this challenge will consist of securing your Core Four survival priorities (fire, water, food, and shelter) as quickly as possible… among the many other things we’ll throw at you. Just to be safe, you may want to brush up on your whole outdoor skill set. Nothing is off the table.


In this game, the winner takes all. Grand prize is a brand-new Hults Bruk axe… you also get 100% of your registration fee reimbursed, and get free admission for two into our Bushcraft & Barbecue Campfire Social later that night, where the glory of your accomplishments will be declared to everyone. So just to recap - if you win, you play for free, you get a badass blade to take home with you, free beer and barbecue, and bragging rights until we host this again. Second and third get some cool stuff too, that’ll definitely still be worth your while. But we’re damn sure not giving out participation trophies, so you’d best bring your a-game. 

We’re throwing down the gauntlet. Are you gonna pick it up, or just keep talking? Step into the arena and register now, and we’ll see you at the Proving Ground.