Forestry Merit Badge Challenge

During this 1-day clinic, your troop will learn the ins and outs of biodiversity, taxonomy, and purposeful resource management. There's much more to a forest than meets the eye - come find out.


Knowledge of the forest itself is the first step to truly thriving in it. This one-day course will fulfill the requirements of the Forestry Merit Badge. Scouts will learn how to identify and catalog different species of trees and know their uses, how forests contribute to our clean air and water, how forests are professionally managed for different purposes, and how to identify trees that may be hazardous to safety. The course will be conducted on 70 acres of managed hardwood forest. Scouts will be expected to be ready to prepare a field journal, and spend the majority of the day hiking. Bring your lunch and dress for conditions, and be prepared to have an educational, informative day outdoors.


Cost: $24

Course Duration: 1-day, 9a-7p

Course Location: SARCRAFT Proving Ground, Cherokee County, GA

Prerequisite requirements: Requirement 8

Instructors: J. Morris, A. Bryant