Intro to Land Navigation

How to find yourself, your destination, and your route using map, compass, and GPS.

In search & rescue, you can’t hope to find your subject if you can’t find yourself. We’ll teach you how to do that and much, much more. This weekend course is an intense, detailed primer into the discipline of land navigation. We will focus primarily on map and compass work, beginning with the basics of orienting a map all the way up to challenging you with a 5-kilometer land nav course. In between, we will cover how to read a topographical map, plot points using a grid square, navigate using terrain features, use your pace count to calculate distance, and the basics of how to utilize a GPS in the field. Although this course is aimed at search & rescue professionals, it is equally useful for backcountry hikers, hunters, or anyone else who needs to know how to navigate successfully where the trail runs out. 

Cost: $299


Military/Veteran/Fire/EMS/LE/SAR: MIL1R7

Bring-A-Friend: FRIEND9