Land Navigation Essentials


Ever been lost in the woods? You probably thought you knew exactly where you were… until you didn’t. Land navigation is a core competency for anyone who ventures outdoors, but frankly, it’s a weak point in most people’s skill sets. Thankfully, like any other skill, it can be improved through guided, structured training. In this 1-day course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of land navigation with a map and compass. We’ll show you how to orient your map, plot a point, count your pace, shoot a bearing and a back azimuth, associate terrain, and much more. We’ll even cover GPS use, but you’ll also learn why we still rely on the tried and true compass above all else. You’ll also learn how to navigate when you have nothing but the sun, moon, and stars to guide you. Come prepared for a fast-paced, challenging day. After all, this ain’t no fancy orienteering course. This is LAND NAV.


Cost: $99

Course Duration: 1-day, 9am-7pm.

Course Location: SARCRAFT Proving Ground, Cherokee County, Georgia.

Instructor(s): J. Morris, A. Bryant


Military/Veteran/Fire/EMS/LE/SAR: MILR16

Bring-A-Friend: FRIEND18