SARCRAFT News April 2018

Want to know what’s been going on at SARCRAFT this past month? Read on!

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-          One of our visions since our beginning has been to utilize our land to create a self-sustaining homestead. For one, we want to practice what we preach. Self-reliance isn’t just a tagline, it’s who we are and how we live. For another reason, it’s another teaching opportunity. When it comes to preparing for long-term grid down survival situations, growing your own food is the only way to go, and we’d like to demonstrate how we do it. And for another, we want at least 70% of what we feed to our students to be grown on-site. Since December, we’ve been piling an estimated 55 loads of brush from the Proving Ground into our garden plot. Why? Biochar. Instead of leaving our brush to rot or just burning it where it sat, we decided to use it to naturally enrich our soil. Charcoal is a proven, millennia-old way to stabilize PH levels and build soil fertility. Long story short, we’re going to have a helluva garden this year. We’re looking forward to feeding y’all some homegrown meals come summer!

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-          Sunday Afternoon Bushcraft: Plant Medicine was a huge success! It’s not an exaggeration to say that this course is in the running for the best Sunday Afternoon Bushcraft we’ve ever done. We made a variety of decoctions, infusions, poultices, and salves, and went on a walkabout to discover the plethora of wild edible and medicinal plants that Cherokee County has to offer. We may or may not do this course in this format ever again, so we’re sorry if you missed out… but to the ones who came, thanks for joining us!


-          This past week SARCRAFT had the honor of being the Cherokee Office of Economic Development’s featured business at their One Million Cups Cherokee startup forum! We presented history of the company and our vision for the future, followed by a Q&A session where we received some great questions and valuable feedback. We really appreciate everyone who came out to show support. But if you missed it, check out the livestream recording here!

Thanks again, and we'll see y'all next month!

- Alex