Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

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Bahco Laplander.jpg

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw


At SARCRAFT, we recommend a lot of knives. All of the ones we carry are great choices depending on your application. However, we’re a lot pickier when it comes to saws. There are only a select few that make the cut, and the Laplander is consistently at the top of the list. A folding saw is an indispensable bushcraft tool. It can be used for tasks as diverse as processing firewood, making batons, building shelters, and dismembering game. The sharpened spine can even be used for striking a ferro rod to start a fire. The Bahco holds two significant advantages over the majority of folding saws – one is that it cuts on the push and the pull stroke, enabling you to cut through wood or bone twice as fast as ordinary saws. The second is that it locks in both the closed and open positions. Anyone who’s ever cut themselves on a saw that opened in their pocket can appreciate this. In addition, its ergonomic Santoprene handle is grippy even when wet with sweat, water, or blood. And its 7-ounce weight is light enough to slip into your pocket or throw in a hunting pack without a second thought. If you’ve already got your knife, this should be the next step in building your bushcraft kit.

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Blade length: 7”


Overall length (closed): 9”

Overall length (open): 15.5”

Weight: 7oz


Blade material: Carbon steel

Handle material: Santoprene

Tooth pattern: 7 TPI

Country of Origin: Sweden