Sunday Afternoon Bushcraft

A twice-monthly, family-friendly workshop covering a wide array of wilderness skills.


Come join us every other Sunday afternoon for an educational, affordable bushcraft clinic. We’ll cover a different wilderness skills topic every class – it may range across the spectrum from basics like firecraft and water procurement to projects such as tool and container carving. Every session will have a hands-on portion where you’ll have a chance to work on a project and build your skills, and free time where you can practice a skill of your choosing. You’ll be able to work with our wide range of woodland tools and resources, while being guided by our instructors to ensure that you learn these skills the right way, every time. The topics we cover will be announced on the registration page and social media at the beginning of the month. This is a family-friendly event and kids are always welcome. Bring a picnic lunch and come prepared to spend the afternoon!

2/10 - Leatherworking

 Before we had synthetic wonder fibers for our clothes and shoes, kydex for our holsters and sheaths, or nylon for our packs and bags… we had leather. Tanned animal hide has stood the test of time, because it works. When it’s taken care of, it’s tough, durable, weather-resistant, and lasts nearly forever. And knowledge of how to work it and use it is one of the hallmark skills of self-reliance. In this half-day course, you’ll learn the ins and outs of leather craft, beginning with tools, terminology, and basic technique. We’ll touch on topics such as wet forming, dying, and stitching. And you’ll get the chance to get hands-on and complete your own leatherworking project. Whether you want to learn how to make a sheath for your knife, a mask for your axe, a sling for your rifle, or even just a fob for your keys or a belt to hold your pants up, this course is your starting point.

2/24 - Pump Drill Fire Kit

Friction fire. For many, this is the highest achievement in bushcraft, the crowning glory that brings every other skill set together into one challenge. It will test your knowledge of firecraft, detailed carving work, wood selection, tree ID, and fine motor skills, among others. A well-built primitive fire is the result of many, many tiny details executed perfectly. The bow drill is the most common friction-based fire-starting method, but there is another one – more effective, but less commonly used. The pump drill. This is ancestral high-tech at its finest, a simple machine that performs its task efficiently and effectively. But if you’ve never built one, getting it right can be frustrating and challenging. On February 24th, join us as we welcome guest instructor and star of Discovery Channel’s Bushcraft Buildoff Kau’i Morehead to show you how to build this device and use it effectively. You’ll be guided through every part of the process, from foraging your materials to making the drill itself to using it to create fire. And you’ll leave with a fully functioning pump drill fire kit, and the knowledge of how to use it. This skill set is a valuable one, and hard to come by.

Cost: $39 (Kids 12 and under: $19)

Course Duration: ½ day, 2pm-7pm

Course Location: SARCRAFT Proving Ground, Cherokee County, Georgia.

Instructor(s): J. Morris, A. Bryant


Military/Veteran/Fire/EMS/LE/SAR: MIL1R1

Bring-A-Friend: FRIEND1