Wilderness Survival Basics

Practical, actionable skills that everyone who ventures into the wild should know by heart.

No matter how great your gear and how well planned your trip, nature is unpredictable. Even if you do everything right, things can still go south. This course will teach you what to do when that happens. With an emphasis on practicality, this weekend course will give you the basic survival skills that anyone who ventures into the outdoors should have. This isn’t a course of impractical “hacks” – you won’t learn how to start a fire with an ice cube, or throw a clawhammer to hunt small game. You also won’t learn complex skills you’ll forget if you don’t practice them, like starting a fire with a bow drill. What you will learn are simple, useful, easy-to-remember principles of surviving and thriving in the wilderness. This course covers SARCRAFT’s Nine Necessities and how to use them, basic firecraft, improvised shelter construction with both natural and man-made materials, a primer on edible and medicinal plants, an introduction to bushcraft and how to make basic tools, how to find water and make it safe to drink, how to increase your chances of being rescued, and most importantly, how to make the best use of the most effective survival tool in your kit: Your mind. This course is ideal for beginners and experienced outdoor enthusiasts alike. No matter your skill level, this course will challenge you, educate you - and just might save your life.

Cost: $349


Military/Veteran/Fire/EMS/LE/SAR: MIL1R5

Bring-A-Friend: FRIEND7