Wilderness Water Essentials

Find, carry, and filter water when you need it most, wherever you are.

After a positive mental attitude, shelter, and fire, water is your next priority in any survival situation. Humans can live an average of three days without water, but the mind-and-body weakening effects of dehydration can be felt in a matter of hours, sapping your strength and clouding your judgment. Learn how to find water in a variety of areas (even when it may not be readily available), purify it (with and without modern technology), store it in improvised containers, and even conjure it from the earth using a solar still. We’ll cover the pros and cons of various purification and filtration methods, how to read the lay of the land to find water sources, and you’ll even make an improvised container out of bamboo to take home with you. This course is vital for any wilderness hiker, backcountry hunter, or anyone else whose canteen might run dry.


Cost: $99

Course Duration: 1-day, 9am-7pm.

Course Location: SARCRAFT Proving Ground, Cherokee County Georgia.

Instructor(s): J. Morris, A. Bryant



Military/Veteran/Fire/EMS/LE/SAR: MIL1R2

Bring-A-Friend: FRIEND2