Woodsmanship Skills Challenge Campout

Get back - way back - to Scouting's roots during this fun, action-packed weekend campout.

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Woodsmanship, that is, the ability to not only survive in the woods, but competently master one’s environment, is the blood that runs deep in the veins of the Scouting movement. This intensive weekend campout will test and challenge scouts as they fulfill the requirements of the Wilderness Survival and Pioneering Merit Badges, as well as rank advancement requirements for Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class. They will also gain the opportunity to earn their Totin’ Chip and Fireman Chit. After an orientation, the campout will begin with an introduction to blade and fire safety. Topics such as the survival mindset, water procurement, shelter construction, firecraft, foraging for food, and signaling for help will all be covered, followed by knots, lashings, and other rope skills. Scouts will use their newly acquired pioneering skills to lash together a structure with rope and spar poles. The weekend will conclude with a series of skills challenges where scouts divide into teams and compete against each other using the wilderness skills they have learned. These skills are the bedrock that Scouting was built on. It’s time to reclaim them.


Cost: $49

Course Duration: Weekend, 6pm Fri-3pm Sun

Course Location: SARCRAFT Proving Ground, Cherokee County, GA

Prerequisite requirements: None

Instructors: J. Morris, A. Bryant